Sunday, February 4, 2007

"Good news, everyone!"

"Good news, everyone!"

I found out that I passed the CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) exam that I took in December. I see now, however, that I accidentally neglected to mention even taking the CISA in December while writing my previous post. It's a relief to know though . . . took eight weeks to get the results and for most of that eight weeks, everything was out-of-sight/out-of-mind until this week when the results were expected to come. I got quite anxious about the possibility that I didn't pass, which would have been rather disappointing for both my pride and my pocketbook (it's at least $300 a pop to sit for the exam!).

Previously, I said that I only managed to get one table in an unused room of our new (and currently non-existent) house for craft space. I am pleased to say that is now no longer the situation. Yes, I've been granted permission to have the entire room as craft space under certain agreed-upon conditions, such as I have to keep the room clean (who cares if no one else sees it . . .) and I can't have the room for craft space after we have kids (kids don't need their own room . . . ). In any case, that makes me muy excited because I have ideas for how to decorate the work space. I saw a neat idea while waiting for Greg to get a haircut and browsing through this month's issue of Glamour at the haircut place ("salon," if you will, but that makes it sounds girlier than is the reality). It involved a clothesline with vintage postcards . . . tried to find a picture of it, but no luck.

Something I've meant to do in the past week, but haven't gotten to yet (just like I haven't gotten around to recycling those newspapers Greg asked me to bring up from Tucson last semester . . . What? Who's lazy?) is scan a wedding card for journal posting. It's one of my favorite wedding cards . . . words can't describe it with the accuracy it deserves. I'll have to do that tomorrow . . .

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