Friday, August 19, 2011

Evie's Monthly Photos

At my work baby shower, I got a set of monthly onesie stickers from my work mentor. She got them off Etsy and a quick search showed that there are tons of monthly onesie stickers on Etsy.


Further monthly baby photo inspiration: the ones that Nicole at Making It Lovely took/takes of her daughter and son. Seeing the progression from newborn to toddler is so fun.

At the end, I'm planning on editing the pictures for size, using the monthly onesie stickers as the point of reference. I haven't really been happy with the location of these photos since Month One, but since that's what we started with, it was too late to change and still have consistency. I wish I'd done all the monthly pictures in the glider from the beginning, because then you can really see the change, but oh well. It's done. And she's still a cutie regardless.

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