Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hate on the Baby

Friday morning, Greg got Evie up, changed, and dressed for daycare in the morning, like he usually does. He put her in a hat, which although I thought was super cute, didn't seem necessary for daycare. I suggested that we save the hat for the next day, when we planned to be walking around an outdoor mall.

Later in the day, we had this conversation over IM:

Greg: (something that prompted a "heh" from me)
Me: Hehe. Dude, I keep typing an extra "e" when I don't mean to. I don't know why. Anyway. Whatevs.
Greg: Heh. I noticed that. I thought you were just changing things up.
Me: No, I don't mean to type that extra "e."
Greg: So . . . hate on the baby tomorrow?
Me: What?
Greg: Oh sorry, I keep typing an "e" when I don't mean to.
Me: Heh. You are ghetto.

And now for HAT on the baby:


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