Sunday, February 11, 2007

"La cucaracha, la cucaracha ya no puede caminar . . . "

Oh man. I came across a bug (a big one too!) in a head of lettuce while I was preparing some leaves for hamburgers today. It was just like this one time when I was plucking grapes from a bunch and found a spider (complete with web). I am a wussy when it comes to bugs. I was traumatized. Just a little (which I guess isn't the worst thing if I'm traumatized by bugs). Anyway, so that made me think - Greg is the best thing that's happened to me because he kills bugs. Okay, not really (tee hee). But he is quite handy when we happen to spot a cricket or scorpion . . . or whatever else. Kitties are also good for bug catching purposes, though they'd be much better at it if they were brighter (they lose sight of the bug too easily).

I finished the wedding card book. I'll put up pictures of the book tomorrow. We have a big stack of cards though, so I'm not quite sure how well the ribbon is holding up binding all the cards together. I'm going to need to explore other options. Greg says it's fine though . . . so maybe I just need to take his word for it and stop worrying.

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