Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Talking it up on the Barry Gibb Talk Show!

Talking it up on the Barry Gibb Talk Show!

I did our taxes tonight! But I so didn't want to. It actually turned out to be pretty easy with Turbo Tax.
We were going to play tennis tonight! But I so didn't want to. It started to rain though, so I got out of it.
All I've wanted to do after work lately is be a bum, lay on the bed, and surf the Internet. Greg will attest to that.

Seems like throughout the day, I'll get several blog ideas, but when I actually sit down to post, they've all flown out of my head. I'll need to start jotting them down in a little notebook.

I've been working on a mini-album for Greg, but I'm pretty sure at this point it won't be done tomorrow. I made him no promises. I'm maybe halfway through. It's not even a big album (hence the "mini"), but I'm just slow. I also don't plan ahead when I'm thinking of how to do the pages, so it makes it hard when I think of something that I don't have the supplies for. This should be justification for me to acquire a collection of craft/scrapbooking materials from which to draw from when I'm creating pages or mini-albums. In any case, I really have to sit down and plan out the rest of my pages so that I can make sure to get everything together all at once.

The other day I went to Office Max looking to buy some inkjet printer transparencies (for this mini-album, might I add). They were expensive. And they came in large quantities. I had two options: 50 sheets for $39.99 or 75 sheets for $49.99. Ridiculous. What am I going to do with 50 to 75 sheets of inkjet transparencies? I just want one! I'd even settle for 20 or 30.

Greg and I made blueberry scones the other day (with our KitchenAid!). Sounds delicious, but ours didn't turn out quite right (don't get me wrong, they were still pretty good). There was just a little something that was off that we couldn't put our finger on. Did you know that the Lucky 15 owner (Meghan) used to be a pastry chef at Wildflower? I asked her about the scones . . . hopefully our next batch of scones will be full of tasty goodness!

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