Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fashion Blogs

I go through phases of being way into scrapbooking and then way into clothes/shopping/fashion. I'm currently in a fashion blog reading blitz, which was spurred by my visiting this blog: Frugal Fashionista.

Found a few others that I liked (enough):
Budget Chic!
Closet Therapy
Painfully Hip
Fashion Under $100 (Added 4/8/2007)
LookBook (Added 4/8/2007)
Looks to Love (Added 4/8/2007)
Shopaholics Anonymous (Added 4/8/2007)
Shopalicious (Added 4/8/2007)
Awesome (Added 4/8/2007 - Not strictly a fashion blog, but has interesting posts)

Can't say I'm as fond of the couture/designer blogs because I'm not a big fan of looking at clothes that I (a) can't buy because they are ridiculously expensive or (b) won't buy because they are ridiculously expensive. Plus, some of the things that designers come up with are crazy, ugly, or both (crugly?). The words "haute" and "couture" do not prettify ugly fashion.

Greg told me he thinks I bought/have too many pairs of jeans. Jeans are a wardrobe staple! Staple! Not only that, the number of pairs of jeans that I possess is probably NOTHING compared to serious shoppers. Seriously

I'm trying to build a case that tall stiletto heel boots are a wardrobe staple too.

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