Friday, March 16, 2007

Work Trip to Maine

Do you ever ask yourself, How did I ever live without Internet? That's the question I've been asking myself the last ten days when the hotel we were staying at in Bethel, Maine had no Internet. It's been a while since I've posted (basically since I left for this business trip). Let's recap my trip:

Wednesday 3/7:
Flew out to Boston and drove to Bethel.

Thursday 3/8 and Friday 3/9:

Saturday 3/10 and Sunday 3/11:
Skied at Sunday River Ski Resort and hung out in the hotel room. See me in all of my ski attire glory?


This was actually the first time I've been skiing since I tore my ACL while at Brian Head in Utah. I took a skiing lesson, but I impressed myself with how not terrible I was going down some green runs prior to the lesson. Brandi, my coworker, had never skied prior to Sunday River, but she did pretty well for it being her first time. I was worried that my right knee would end up more sore than the other after skiing the whole day Saturday, but actually, it wasn't. I also fell and/or wiped out less than a handful of times, which in my view, is quite a feat. The snow on Saturday was fantastic - soft and fairly fresh snow (or at least it was cold enough to preserve the snow). It rained a bit Saturday afternoon and the day was warm, so come Sunday morning when Brandi and I went skiing, the snow was kind of hard and icy. After one run, we decided we didn't like the snow and spent the rest of the day bumming it up in the hotel room. At least that's what I did.

Monday 3/12, Tuesday 3/13, and Wednesday 3/14:

Thursday 3/15:
Worked . . . and did some craftiness! How did I do craftiness while on a business trip in small-town Bethel, you ask? Well, there was a guy who worked at the client whose wife is apparently big into scrapbooking and stamping. At some point earlier in the trip, we were chatting with him about scrapbooking (my manager on the client scrapbooks too) and Thursday morning he comes into the conference room we're working in and invites us to his house for some scrapbooking with his wife. Unbelievably nice people (both of them) and needless to say, I was so excited. She's got so many supplies . . . I can only hope to acquire half of what she had. She had shelves full of paper and stamp sets, racks of embellishments, baskets full of ribbon . . . I should have taken pictures. We ended up making some little 4x4 accordion mini-albums (!!!!!):


It's not complete yet though.

Friday 3/16:
Worked a half day. Left Bethel at about 11:30 am to drive to the Boston airport. Arrived at the Boston airport at about 3:30 pm in the midst of a snow storm. Spent the next 5 hours at the airport hoping that the Phoenix flight would only be delayed, but not canceled. Phoenix flight was canceled, along with a majority of other flights in to and out of Boston. Translation: I'm stranded in Boston until Monday morning when we fly out at about 6:20 am. Saturday flights were canceled and Sunday flights are scarce.

So now I'm sitting in the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Boston, grateful that I at least have Internet access in the hotel room. I've been feeling so isolated without it this past week and a half (after leaving work, that is). I'd basically finish work, eat dinner, then go back to my hotel room to watch TV.

I called up my third aunt tonight since she lives in Boston. We're hopefully going to go out to eat at some point this weekend (probably Sunday). I haven't seen her and my uncle since last summer (which actually isn't that long ago). I haven't seen my cousin in a few years since he didn't make it out to the wedding with my aunt and uncle.

Oh, Boston. Why has your snowstorm prevented me from seeing my G-poo?

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