Sunday, April 22, 2007

Black Socks, Cutting Mat, and Clothes Shopping

On occasion, I'll wear black socks with light-colored slacks (grey) because (1) I've run out of clean nude-colored nylons or (2) I don't care.


When I think about it though . . . perhaps the black sock/light slack combination is a fashion no-no? Or maybe even just a fashion frown? Have I become complacent with the nuances of fashion? Have I started down the path of mom jeans and granny panties?!

I bought a cutting mat today for sewing purposes. It's pretty nice and big (little bit colorful, but the selection was limited), except for this:


Should I be worried about this . . . ? Is it harmful to humans or just lab mice? And to what degree should I be concerned?
Do you think it's psychological if I say that I feel kind of dizzy after smelling the fumes?

Why does it seem like I find more cute stuff when I'm not out for the express purpose of shopping for clothes? Other times though, I'll go to the mall with the intent to buy clothes and come out, more or less, empty-handed. My trips to Mervyn's and Target today were quite productive when it came to buying these:


Target (I opted for the white version of the belt instead of the brown)

I was not so productive, however, in locating an adequate, non-girly, picture flip frame for Greg's office. 

Based on purchases made today, I retract my previous statements regarding wide belts and revert to/stand by my original assertion that the reason I didn't look good with wide belts was because I didn't have the right belt and/or shirt to go with.

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