Saturday, June 16, 2007

Philadelphia Training and Stephanie's Appendicitis

Spent this week on a business trip in downtown Philadelphia for training.

Had a pretty busy week with class being thrown into the mix. I had class Monday night, so I actually flew out of Phoenix at 10:15 pm and got into Philadelphia at 5:55 am Tuesday. Everyone else got in the day before, so I was like, Oh man, I'm going to be dead tired. To be honest though, I got a full night of sleep Tuesday night and was still dozing off Wednesday afternoon. Don't know what that says about the training . . .

Thursday night we had free, so Stephanie (co-worker that I went to training with) and I planned on doing some shopping. Since Stephanie felt sick earlier in the day though, she took a nap after getting back from training. By the time we made it out that night, it was 7:45 and most of the stores were already closed, with the rest closing at 8:00. For being in the middle of a nice downtown shopping area in a big city, I thought stores closing 8:00 or earlier was ridiculous. I did spend 15 minutes in H&M, but that was only long enough to get Greg a shirt. I expect H&M shopping in San Jose.

Anyway, Stephanie being sick actually turned out to be appendicitis, so she was out of training for most of the day Friday because she went to the hospital. She had to stay the weekend and ended having surgery, so that's a major bummer. I can't imagine being away on a trip only to come down with something that requires you to have surgery almost right away. At least her husband flew out Friday, so she's not all alone.

I still flew back last night as planned (there was nothing I could do for Stephanie : ( ). I also have a bunch of work I need to do/make up/study for class.

Side note: Guys and long fingernails do not mesh. I saw a guy on the plane with fingernails almost as long as mine (when I grow them out). It was not groovy. I was just a notch below being grossed out.

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