Monday, October 1, 2007

I miss Annalis Scraptique

I just noticed this comment to one of my posts in je_veux_ceci (which, unfortunately, has been quite neglected since starting classes in summer):


I can't think of how she (Suzy = owner) would have found that particular post . . . maybe I left a comment on the Annalis Scraptique blog?

In any case, I've realized that there is an extreme shortage of scrapbook stores South and West of I-10 and North of South Mountain and I miss having a scrapbook store so close, which was nice about Ahwatukee - Jo Ann's, Michael's, local scrapbook store, and various other shopping within 10-15 minutes. Now, it's probably about a half-hour drive out to the same stores until we get more retail development out here.

I was in Ahwatukee running errands on Saturday, and made a stop at Annalis Scraptique, but I made it there about 10 minutes after it closed at 5:00 and I was muy disappointed.

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