Tuesday, February 5, 2008

ebay it

and "it" = "questionable Chinese-made wedding dress"

So my mother-in-law, Charlotte, found an ebay listing for a wedding dress that my sister-in-law is interested in (read here on Kati's wedding planning blog): See ebay listing here.
(I would have posted a picture, but I didn't want to potentially spoil anything for anyone.)

Iffy-ness factor: Moderate

The dress is very pretty, but it seems like a gamble. The seller seems pretty mysterious too, despite the good rating. It may be that the manufacturer also makes dresses for designers and are doing some "unauthorized" side jobs, which if true, would make this a safer gamble.

I know that I'm a pretty risk-averse person, so I'm not sure that I would take that gamble, but I'm glad it's not my decision to make. :) I wonder if Kati was yay or nay on the idea.

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