Thursday, March 13, 2008

Scrapbook Stores are Dropping Like Flies

So Saturday night, I was perusing my blogs when, for the first time in about three months, Annalis Scraptique makes a post! But, it's a very mysterious post, promising more information by Tuesday. What's that about?

Come Tuesday, there's a post about a sale. Hmm. Okay. I'm liking the sound of that. But I'm too busy to go shopping for scrapbooking stuff (and I'm using my supplies at an even slower rate than before - instead of two months to finish a page, it's more like four months!). Wednesday rolls around and there's another post about a sale. And fixtures. For sale. Eh? Fixtures for sale? Wait a minute . . . that sounds like . . . THE STORE IS CLOSING.

So I pick up the phone and dial the store. "So . . . are you guys closing the store? Oh, you are? Oh . . . um . . . okay." Bummer. Looks like another scrapbook store has bitten the dust. First, it was Lucky 15. Then, it was Recollections. And now, my Ahwatukee scrapbook store?! Woe is me.

Now I'll have to make the trek over to the East Valley if I want to get any fancy scrapbook supplies not found at Michael's or Jo Ann's. In the meantime, I'll need to finagle a visit over to Annalis Scraptique tomorrow!

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