Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yummy Name Stamps

So last February, I had a hankering for these sweet address stamps that I saw online. The only trouble was, at the time, we didn't really have an address.

Then, a couple months ago, I saw this blog post about stamps from that were 30% off. Hmm . . . I like what I see.

A few weeks ago, I get "Obscure Crafts Quarterly" (a.k.a. what Greg dubs Creating Keepsakes, which is actually not quarterly OR obscure) in the mail and in it, there is an ad for personalized stamps from for 30% off. Try as I might, however, I just could not bring myself to get one.

Long story short - Greg was splurge-y on me and ended up getting me these:


Greg also got this address stamp, which I decided against posting because I'm just paranoid like that.

:) Greg is good to me.

1 comment :

  1. These are super-duper cool. I still have to decide how badly I want one. We spent $30 on Julio's pecan logs (junk food in bulk) last month, so I guess I shouldn't feel bad purchasing something that will last longer than one digestive cycle.


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