Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Met up with Kati and 2 other bridesmaids on Saturday to see about getting some bridesmaid dresses. While I was at the mall, which I don't make it to as often as I used to since moving out to Laveen, I also took the opportunity to get my ring fixed.

A prong on my ring needed fixing due to my hand ramming into the concrete while assembling some backyard furniture, during which the ring took the brunt of said hand-concrete ramming. This one jewelry repair shop in the mall quoted me $29.99 and 45 minutes to fix the prong while one of the other jewelry places did it for free in 5 minutes AND gave me a bottle of water. The prong's still not perfect, but as long as the stone isn't in danger of falling out, I'm good.

While actually dress shopping, I tried on this dress that I had been eyeing on Nordstrom's website:


I decided nay on it though, since (1) it's going to be difficult to find "undergarments" that go with the dress, (2) I wasn't a huge fan of the bow, and (3) I discovered that it wasn't quite the right color. I decided that I'm going to give this one a try:


During the trip to the mall, I also got a work-appropriate wrap dress from Express (rare, because I have never worn a dress to work before besides the holiday parties):


Lastly, since Greg has previously ragged on me for buying dresses that I don't wear, I'm happy to announce that I finally, since buying this black-and-white dress at least a year ago, broke out the dress and WORE IT on Saturday. It's 100% cotton though, so I hope it survives the wash without shrinking, unlike this Forever 21 dress. (Yes, I will admit, that the only reason I blogged about the Forever 21 dress was so that I could complain about it again here).

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