Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Camping and Heber Fireworks

Last Saturday: first-ever camping experience.

Stephanie invited me and Greg to go camping with her family over Fourth of July weekend. Greg took her up on it immediately. I did so after some convincing and moping on Greg's part.

My assessment of my first camping experience: not bad.
Of course, it was only for one day, but I was okay with that, particularly since this camping was pretty "authentic" - no toilets (except the pseudo-toilet/bucket called the "honey pot"), no running water, no a lot of things that the comfort of my own home would offer (but I guess that's not really the point of camping now, is it?).

Saturday night was the fireworks show in Heber, which Greg took a lot of pictures of. Here are a few:


That last one is Greg's favorite (it has since become his computer desktop).
(See the web album here).

Next up: Camping in August with my dad and brother.

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