Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lunch with Lee Anne and Midori Rayon Trimming

Last Saturday, we met my friend, Lee Anne, for lunch in Tempe. After years of being away from Phoenix and the gradual growing apart that comes from going to different schools (not just college, but elementary/middle/high schools as well), I recently came to the realization that Lee Anne and I have more in common than I previously thought. I don't know if it's always been that way or not (I wouldn't say we were THE closest even growing up), but I'm happy to find that some of the reasons I felt were big dividers in my childhood friendships are not really issues to begin with.

I got this belated birthday card from Lee Anne, which I thought was cute and typically Asian:


After lunch with Lee Anne, since we were already in Tempe, I roped Greg into taking me over to the Paper Studio. Seam binding (a.k.a. rayon trimming) is my (current) ribbon of choice and I snagged some vintage seam binding when Stephanie and I were at Mystic Paper a month or two ago. The whole prospect of "vintage" concerns me from a can-I-get-more standpoint though, so I was happy to find that this seam binding/rayon trimming by Midori will continue to be carried at the Paper Studio and can be easily replenished.

I ended up getting four yards of ten different colors just because I like it so much:


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