Monday, November 17, 2008

Twilight Bandwagon


The heavily hyped and anticipated Twilight movie coming out this Friday is going to be crazy. It'll be like that one time I happened to be in a Barnes & Noble when it was the release night of the latest book in the Twilight series. Craziness. And lots of teen-aged girls. And squealing.

I feel like I need to get on the Twilight bandwagon. Not that I haven't intended to (I just haven't gotten around to it), but now I feel more of a sense of urgency with the movie coming out. I refuse (and I actually use the word "refuse" very lightly because I could probably be convinced otherwise) to see the movie until I read the books though. Movies, however "faithful," never seem to capture the complete spirit and complexity of the book(s) on which they are based.

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