Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This Winter

is chock full of stuff.

This week
Tonight: Kati and Dan (Greg's sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law) came over for dinner and to hang out since Greg and I opted out of the bachelor/bachelorette parties last Friday.

Tomorrow: We are helping some of my work peeps make dinner at Ronald McDonald House.

Thursday: My holiday party for work.

Friday: Rehearsal. Rehearsal dinner at Kati and Dan's.

Saturday: Breakfast with/for Greg's family. Wedding and reception set-up. Wedding. Reception. Wedding speech = makes me nervous.

Next week
Sunday - Tuesday: Jerome trip! We are staying at the Surgeon's House bed & breakfast. We're also taking a ride on the Verde Canyon Railroad. I hope to have some good pictures for scrapbooking and blogging purposes.

Wednesday & Thursday: Christmas-related festivities.

The week after next
Friday - Wednesday: Skiing at Sunrise.

Thursday - Sunday: NOTHING. It will be delicious. (Note to Greg: I forbid any events to be planned. Tee hee! JK! BNR! Okay, seriously now. No planned events.)

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