Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Post-It Flags

Greg showed me this Stuff Accountants Like blog and it's pretty funny because it's rather insightful into the minutia of accounting from an accounting firm staff- and senior-level (staff- to senior- level = fresh out of college to 4-5 years) perspective.

I don't technically work in an accounting firm and I'm not really a financial statement auditor, but what I do is similar enough that many of the observations are applicable ("Eating Hours," "Throwing People Under the Bus," "Cat 5e Ethernet Cables"). Last week, when I was putting away one of my project files, I sat there for a second feeling pretty satisfied with myself that I had organized my notes . . . with Post-It flags. Makes me sound like I fit the stereotype pretty well, doesn't it?


I would have used an orange flag for the second to last set of notes at the bottom, but I ran out. Otherwise, it would've been systematic and consistent. 'Cause that's how I (would've) roll(ed).

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