Thursday, April 30, 2009

Color Inspiration #50 Card

These colors are a little outside my usual comfort zone. They're very primary . . .


Made a baby card, which I can foresee using in the near future since we know some peeps who are having babies this year:


  • I didn't have any white buttons (I feel that I have a button shortage, but I think Greg may think I'm ridiculous because it's almost like I'm complaining that I don't have enough craft stuff, which I actually have plenty of), so I stamped some little white circles on white vellum and added Glossy Accents on top
  • I question whether it was a good idea to put yellow in the middle because the white ink doesn't really stand out as much on it
  • I'm wondering how I can cleanly emboss without having particles of powder left behind, because I'm kind of a perfectionist and it bothers me


  1. Heat embossing powder, right?
    I don't paper scrap very much, but I just found my mom's old stash of embossing powder/ink. I wondered the exact thing about the powder, since my cupcake stamps had crumb trails of embossing powder forming... I dug out a tiny paintbrush that I stole from my mom, too, brushed off the extra bits... nice and clean :) Good luck!

  2. you are definately a perfectionist then. The card is lovely :)

  3. They sell these little sachets of corn starch that you rub over the area prior to inking and embossing. It is supposed to help. My guess is you could probably make one yourself and try it out.

    I usually just blow on the image and shake it to get as much powder off as I can before heat embossing.


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