Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hambly Open Studio

Greg and I happened to be in the San Jose area when Hambly had an open studio on Friday.

When I saw the blog post, I was like, We have to go! And Greg was like, I'll totally take you because I love you! And I was like, Sweet!

Okay, that's not quite how it went down, but the gist of it is pretty accurate.

From the outside, Hambly is pretty nondescript because the warehouse is in a business/industrial park. We showed up and got a little tour of the warehouse, which was interesting not only because it was scrapbook-related, but also from a business/operations perspective because Greg and I were asking a bunch of questions about their manufacturing process. (Business dorks? Yes, we are).

Shelves of product:


Paints used in screen printing:


Close-up of a screen printing machine:


Shop floor:
They have a machine that packages sheets of stickers with the cardboard backing, shrink wraps the product, punches the little tab at the top for displaying, etc!


Me with Allison, who is the primary graphic designer for Hambly papers/overlays (and runs the blog):
We were asking her about the design process (also interesting, like the manufacturing process).


Except for the part where I was buying stuff, Greg said the Hambly tour was pretty interesting for him too. I thought he was going to be bored the whole time, but it was kind of like first-hand How It's Made.

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