Monday, November 9, 2009

College is for Studying


Really? Really? I know that Greg is parked really far to the right and I know that the white SUV is parked really far to the left, but in case Mr. Saturn Vue in the middle didn't notice, he didn't park in a real parking spot. Two halves of different parking spots don't make a whole.

We had a belated birthday dinner with my mom and brother on Saturday night. Afterwards, I wanted to check out Hobby Lobby, which just opened in Ahwatukee. (48th Street and Ray is like a mecca of craftiness. There is Hobby Lobby on the NW corner, Michael's on the NE corner, and JoAnn on the SE corner. If someone opens a scrapbook store on the remaining corner, we are moving to Ahwatukee).

On the way there, we were talking about college when my mom said, "Most people go to college to study, right?" Hilarity ensued. People studying in college? Bahahahahaha. Okay, just kidding. People do study in college. But there is also lots of partying in college, which is widely accepted in our culture. This is in contrast to my mom's experience having grown up in a culture where not only is college largely about studying, but so is middle school (to test into a good high school) and high school (to test into a good college and major). But it was still pretty dang funny. My Mom is a Fob-worthy.

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