Monday, December 28, 2009

Fat Cat Needs a Diet

Kitties went to the vet a few weeks ago because Nina (a.k.a. The Skinny One) has been licking herself bald. Both kitties also needed vaccinations. Turns out Nina has some compulsive licking behavior for which she got a steroid shot. Turns out Lily (a.k.a. Fat Hobbit) is fat and needs to lose a pound. Both kitties were hiss-hiss, growl-growl, and occasionally paw swipe-swipe with the vet and his assistant.

The vet said that the rule of thumb is a cup of food for every 30 pounds. Which means 1/3 cup of food for 10 pounds. Which means kitties had a rude awakening coming to them when they no longer had access to 4+ cups of food at any point in time and instead were rationed 1/3 cup of food every night, to be fed to each of them in separate rooms lest Fat Hobbit eat any of The Skinny One's food. Poor, fat kitty.

A couple pages of cat layouts from a while ago:


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