Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pooper Scooper

Pooper scooper duties are among the less desirable chores in our house, for obvious reasons. We often try to negotiate with each other to get out of it or put it off (which kind of makes us bad "pet parents," but meh. We make up for it with love!). One day several months ago, I mentioned that Greg didn't do as good a job as I do when I scoop the cat poop. That comment prompted remarks from Greg questioning how I would even know if that were true when I've never looked at the litter box after he scooped it. It also prompted repeated sarcastic notifications following poop scooping that the litter box was ready for my quality assurance review, Ms. I-think-I-scoop-the-litter-box-better.

The other day, Greg called me over because he "needed my help," but really, he wanted to prove a point that he did a good job scooping the cat poop. For the record, I never said that he did a bad job of scooping the cat poop. I only said that I did a better job than him. And guess what I found when I did my litter box quality assurance review? Two chunks of clumped litter. And a bunch of little chunks that, in my opinion, should also be thoroughly scooped. So bam on Greg. I feel vindicated after all that ragging on me about the litter box. But Greg says he's going to check my scoop job next time just to show that I miss stuff too. I better be extra careful to do a good job. Heh.

PS. I love you, Greg!

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