Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bike Ride

After breakfast this morning with Greg's family, Greg and I went on a bike ride around Laveen. We took a route that ended up being 9.45 miles, after which I was pretty impressed with myself and I wasn't even that tired! But then, I get pretty impressed with myself doing any physical activity that is more strenuous than walking to the mailbox and back (note: we live on the corner lot next to the mailboxes).


We were about a mile from home when I ate it (seems like that happens often?). And by "ate it," I mean I literally ended up with dirt in my mouth after I took a spill trying to avoid some tree branches. Mmmm . . . gritty. Usually my main concern when I fall is my face, because I'd hate to have to show up at work with boo-boos on my face. Unfortunately, my face wasn't completely unscathed, but it's not really noticeable. Excellent!

Mako got a package from her mom in Japan this week that included some winter clothes and . . . Japanese goodies! Mostly snacks, but also a couple of handkerchiefs that Greg is a fan of, a little tapestry, and a little umbrella. I just had some of the chewy grape and peach candies and they were yummy.


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