Thursday, May 20, 2010


A few months ago while I was looking at Blogger's Blogs of Note, I came across a blog for the Package Project. I thought the idea was fun and signed up to participate. After getting information about my package partner, I checked out her blog and from there, found Postcrossing.

Took me about a second to figure out that Postcrossing is right up my alley because I love postcards. I have a basket full of them, including this gem:


Pretty sure I got this postcard from Greg before we started dating. Punk. (But he's got other redeeming qualities).

Do I ever do anything with the postcards? Not really. Except acquire more. But they make me happy. And now I'm about to get more . . . because I signed up to send out five postcards (Canada, Finland, Belarus, Russia, and Germany). Sweet!


  1. awww its' super fun :) Hope you enjoy it...

  2. Thanx for the amazing card one more time :))) it really made me happy while coming upstairs to my flat)
    Regards from Belarus!

  3. i picked up a couple during our trip for you but i did not get them sent--- i realize that loses a lot of flair but they're yours!


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