Friday, June 18, 2010

Scallop and Damask Wedding Card

Man. Long time no blog. Craftiness has gone by the wayside for the last couple weeks since Greg and I were watching a show on Netflix (Dead Like Me). There are a bunch of other shows on Netflix that I wouldn't mind watching (Weeds, Dexter, Lost, plus whatever other shows or movies I might come across).

Took some time this week to make a wedding card for a couple of Greg's work friends that got married recently. Happy with the way the card turned out design-wise, though I think the stamping could use some improvement.


Next up in the show/movie queue: The Pacific. (At least that's what I'll be pushing for. I might get vetoed).

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  1. We just finished LOST this past weekend. After watching the first episode, I wasn't that interested, but then we kept watching (I had limited options at the time because we had cancelled our Dish) and we totally got hooked. I wasn't interested at first because it seemed like a scary show, but honestly, I think the first episode was the scariest (it didn't help that I watched it at night when Julio was out of town). Anyway, have fun!


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