Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sigma Ultra Telephoto Zoom Lens

Greg called me over the other night to show me this Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens he "wanted."

As soon as I saw it, I laughed at him, not because I'm a mean wife who won't let my husband buy things, but because this lens is ridonkulous (I got that word from my brother) and I figured out pretty quickly that Greg didn't actually want it. It was a good deal though - only $28,999, down from $38,000, with free Super Saving Shipping!

I was surprised that this massive thing had 20 reviews (because really, 20 people bought this thing?), but when we started to read through the reviews, we had some good laughs.

Here are a couple good ones, but you'll have to check it out for yourself.

"Well worth the sacrifice..."
Some may feel that this lens is a tad pricey but many forget about the needless things in their life that they can sell in order to purchase this beast. I immediately sold my vehicle because I was finally able to convince myself that I only use my vehicle a couple hours out of the day. It was sad that I even had to contemplate selling my car for this camera attachment but to somewhat justify my hesitation in selling it, I do drop off my children at school and use it as transportation to and from work every day. So, once I sold it, I realized that I had to come up with another $21,000.

I tried selling my apartment, but my landlord indicated that I could not legally do that. Whatever, Jim (Because I have learned not to burn bridges from past experiences, I stopped having open houses. Plus, the lawyer and court fees would put a damper on my upcoming Amazon purchase). Where was I going to come up with this $21,000? That's when a Sigma light bulb went off in my head.

I sold my two children to the Pesticide & Insecticide Testing Corporation. I feel it was a solid move on my part because they explained that my (now their's) children would always have enough to eat, exercise every day, and have a doctor present 24/7. With the money I made with this no-brainer sell and the under-the-table cash my wife was getting from working on the prestigious corner of Main Street and Almond Street, I was finally able to make the purchase of a lifetime.

I even had some extra cash leftover, so I decided to buy my first digital camera. This green monster looks great on my brand new Canon Rebel XSi. Thanks Sigma!

"My advice - leave safety on and finger off the shutter button at all time!"
This is a great lens and there's no doubt about it. The price is way beyond my salary and I had to sell one of my kidneys and take a personal loan just to get the down payment for this baby but it is well worth it.

My advice - follow Sigma's instruction and always leave the safety on. While I was reading the instruction and I removed the safety, my cat jumped onto the lens and I was startled and pressed the shutter by accident. The lens was pointing towards the floor and the blast from the photon cannon immediately turned my living room into a 12-foot deep crater. The extreme heat from the laser cut off my left toes cleanly just like what Luke Skywalker did to Vader.

Now I have to deal with my home insurance and they do not cover the damage from cannon blast. I have to pay for the repair cost out of my own pocket. I tried to return the lens to cover the repair but the original package was incinerated from the cannon blast. I am now sitting here with missing left toes and a big hole that looks like King kong has just mated with my living room floor. Not to mention that I still can't find my cat.

I highly recommended the item, only if you know what you are doing like the dude in the picture.

I'd also like to point your attention to the "Customer image from Nathan Barr" - the one of the guy holding the lens up and looking through it. Look at that guy totally using his "guns" to hold up that massive lens! Hilarious! It looks like he's holding a bazooka or something! Hilarious x 2!

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