Monday, August 9, 2010

Yellowstone & Montana - Day 12, 13 & 14

Wednesday 8/4/2010
Woke up to an overcast day, so we didn't think we could go tubing as originally planned. We went to Billings instead, where we:

- drove by Greg's old house
- went to the mall
- stopped by Softie's for a dipped cone (yumtastic!)
- went to a sporting goods store
- stopped by Costco

At the Gap in the mall, I noticed that they now have premium pants (a.k.a. dress pants) in several different cuts and lengths. I'm excited whenever I can find good-looking dress pants in short sizes. I didn't actually try any on, but the three cuts that I liked best: Perfect trouser, Modern boot, and Curvy.

I'm also ogling the Gap city flats, which have padded soles (unlike most other flats that - as the name implies - don't have any cushioning). But I'm not about to shell out $40 for flats (at least not yet), even if they are padded. Shoot.

I bought a pair of jeans from Aeropostale, though I didn't really need another pair of jeans. It's been a long time since I've been in Aeropostale since I'd written it off as a pre-teen / tween store. For the most part, I'm still of that opinion, but they were having a sale on jeans and they had short lengths. $18 for the non-holey version, which is what I went for: Hailey Dark Wash Jeans. $24 for the "destroyed" version of the jeans, though in my opinion, destroying it yourself is free.

While in Billings, we passed by a Mattress King store. I wonder if they have a sister store called Sofa King?

We got back from Billings in the late afternoon and Greg convinced me to go tubing down a longer stretch of the river. The whether was cooler a) that day and b) in the late afternoon, so it made for much more chilly experience overall. Even after a hot shower, I was still brrrr.

Thursday 8/5/2010
We hiked to Mystic Lake in the morning. 3 mile hike each way, about 1200 feet elevation gain. I was kind of grumpy going up because I hadn't really been in the mood for a hike, but oh well. Downhill is much better. Lake was pretty and there was a chipmunk who clearly equated humans with food.

We stopped at the Cowboy Bar in Fishtail for a late lunch and it was actually quite tasty. On our way to Fishtail though, we came across what is best described as a small-scale cattle drive on the road, complete with cowboys on horses. It was kind of fun to watch. Moo!

Greg tried to convince me to go tubing again, but I declined. I was way cold after the other day. Instead, he and my dad went tubing (same long run as yesterday). They made it down faster than we did the other day.

Friday 8/6/2010
Pretty chill day. Slept in a bit. Took my time getting ready. Chilled on the couch with the laptop. Greg went shooting again with his dad and my dad, but just the smaller caliber guns this time. I blogged (reading and writing) and read. Woohoo.

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