Monday, December 6, 2010

Britney versus Gwyneth

In high school and college, I'd have never admitted that I liked Britney Spears. I was seemingly too cool for that and insisted on listening only to alternative/rock/emo/punk/etc. But I find that as I get older, I'm starting to care less about image and appearances. Maybe this is a sign that I will be an uncool mother, along with other things like wanting to dress my kids in only Wal-mart clothes (that way, Target will seem like a step up and I'll buy myself some extra time before designer clothes come into the picture - yes!).

So when Glee had its Britney episode, which was surrounded by hype, I was excited. I eagerly anticipated the Britney episode. I can't say that I was disappointed because I still enjoyed it. But it didn't have quite the luster of other Glee episodes. I was, however, pretty impressed with the Gwyneth episode. There was more substance to the guest spot. Highlights of the episode:

- The Glee mini-me's. Cute!
- The snippet of Conjunction Junction. Who needs the whole song when you hear the best part (Conjunction Junction, what's your function)?
- The cover of Cee-Lo's Forget You.
- The Singing in the Rain / Umbrella mash-up.

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