Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fortune Cookie Predicts Arrival of Baby

Greg got this message in his fortune cookie the other night when we went out to Chinese (place called Wang's Delight) with my mom:


Nice! Obviously, it doesn't really predict anything, but I liked the fortune, so I hung onto it and will perhaps incorporate it into a baby layout.

No baby as of yet, though she was due last Saturday. If she doesn't come on her own between now and Friday, we are scheduled to induce later this week.

This looks to me like an image of her face-on (instead of profile). Honestly . . . looks a bit scary with the eyes all dark and sunken in. Heh.

At my appointment on Monday, the doctor said to eat something light before going to the hospital, such as cereal, toast, or a turkey sandwich. He also explicitly mentioned no Filiberto's, which is funny because that's exactly what I had decided I wanted to eat before going to the hospital. He said nausea is not uncommon though, so if I eat something heavy, I might see it again. Boo. Greg and I wondered if he said no Filiberto's because that's just what came to his head, or if it's because he remembers seeing Greg noshing on Fili's at the appointment the previous week. Heh.

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