Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Evie at 5 Weeks Old

Evie is 5 weeks old as of this past Sunday.

Being a baby makes everything you do a) forgivable, b) worthy of praise, or c) both forgivable and worthy of praise.

Toot out loud? It's okay, because you're a baby!
Burp out loud? It's okay, because you're a baby! or Good job on burping!
Spit up all over me/yourself/fill-in-the-blank? It's okay, because you're a baby!
Hit me in the face while flailing your arms? It's okay, because you're a baby!
Projectile spit up while burping out loud? It's okay, because you're a baby! And by the way, good job on burping!

Spitting up while having tummy time on daddy:

  • About 6 hours of sleep on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, but that was after about 1.5 hours of trying to get her to sleep. Grumpiness with Greg ensued, although he may or may not have had anything to do with her not going to sleep.
  • On the night that she slept 6 hours after 1.5 hours of attempting to get her to sleep, I finally busted out a swaddler like this one that we got from Greg's cousin, Tamara. I don't really know how much it helped her sleep that 6 hours (I like to think it did help), but at the very least, it made swaddling so much easier that I was like, I was a fool! Why didn't I start using this earlier instead of struggling with receiving blankets?! Squirmy babies make swaddling with a plain blanket hard. Using the swaddler - awesome.
  • Greg accidentally dropped his iPhone on Evie's face while she was sleeping on him. iPhone dropping was immediately followed by crying. I felt bad for the baby that her sleep was so rudely interrupted, but it also made me laugh. Evie fell right back asleep after she stopped crying. Heh.
  • The generic prenatal vitamin I'm taking that has DHA in it smells and tastes really fishy. Ick.

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