Friday, October 7, 2011

Evie at 4 Months

Evie turned 4 months at the end of September.


She . . .
  • Went camping for the first time last weekend! It was chilly and we only had one sleeper that fits her size now, which we got from cousin Tamara. Thanks, cousin Tamara!
  • Is a sympathetic crier, so the daycare told us. But then Greg tested it out a couple times at home where he pretended to cry and Evie did indeed start to cry herself. It's funny and sad at the same time. But maybe a little bit more funny than sad.
  • Will fall asleep on her own with minimal or no crying when we put her down for bed (for the most part). Love!
  • Is getting more and more coordinated with grabbing things - toys, pacifier, bib. More often than not, whatever is in her hand goes straight to her mouth.
  • Isn't quite tall enough to use the walker as intended, but she is able to touch the ground on her tippy toes pushes herself a couple inches that way.
  • Had her 4-month check up last week and the doctor said she could have some oatmeal. We tried to give her some last Sunday, but she was too tired, and therefore fussy, at the time to really eat any. Since then, we've tried to feed it to her a few more times. She hasn't quite gotten the hang of eating off a spoon.

I discovered that the washing machine eats baby socks. I found four socks in the washer, under the rubbery door seal where the dirty water drains out. None of the four socks were matching pairs. And they were super dingy. Who knows how long they were stuck in there.

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