Saturday, March 31, 2012

Queen Creek Olive Mill

A couple/few years ago when Stephanie and Julio lived out in Queen Creek, they told us about Queen Creek Olive Mill, which we found to be a nice little place with fancy extra virgin and infused olive oils, as well as a little cafe. Before last weekend, it'd probably been at least a year (if not more) since we'd been there, as we had stocked up on good olive oil the last time we were there.

Last weekend, since we were already going to be in the area for the birthday party at Stephanie and Julio's house, we made a stop at the olive mill to replenish our supply and found the place - on a Saturday around lunch time in the middle of spring in Phoenix (i.e., nice weather) - to be crazy busy. More than we'd ever seen before. It also looked like they'd expanded their store and cafe since the last time we were there.

It was hard for us to enjoy it as much as before with how crowded it was, although I'm sure it's good business for the olive mill. Greg said he thought the charm was gone and didn't think he'd go back. I don't know if I'd go as far as not going back (even if they did stop serving bread to sample with the olive oil), but in any case, we picked up some roasted garlic and white truffle olive oils, as well as bacon olive oil. The bacon olive oil should be interesting to try . . .


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