Monday, April 30, 2012

Evie at 11 Months

Evie turned 11 months yesterday.


What we found in the high chair when we lifted the padding:

  • I weaned her at the beginning of the month. My intent was to go for a whole year, but (a) I was starting to dry up and (b) she started being a Bitey McChompers, so then I decided it wasn't worth it to get bitten every time.
  • She's in a biting stage, aside from when nursing. Hope she grows out of it soon.
  • Not only does she understand, "No," but also seems to understand that just because we say No, doesn't mean she actually have to stop doing whatever it is we said No to. More than once, she's just smiled and kept right on doing it.
  • She can stand on her own for a second or two. Longer if she's not paying attention to the fact that she is standing.
  • She sometimes crawls on her hands and feet (instead of hands and knees). Particularly if she is wearing a dress that interferes with her crawling on her hands and knees
  • She knows how to do peek-a-boo to herself now, as well as wave bye-bye to people.
  • We're still working on the sign language for a few simple things - more, milk, and want being the primary ones. She's finally to a point where she can mimic the things that we do (somewhat), so I feel like now is especially the time to try to teach her some sign language.

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