Saturday, April 21, 2012

Funny Thing About Cat Food

It's coincidentally the same size as puff cereal. Can you tell where this is going?

We normally keep a fairly close eye on Evie so that she doesn't get into the cat food and water, but tonight she got away from us and managed to spend some quality time with both the cat food and water. All I know is that I came across her crawling out of the guest bath (where we keep the cat food and water) with a trail of cat food behind her. As I processed what I was seeing, she had a piece of cat food in her hand, which she popped into her mouth and ate like it was a sweet potato puff cereal.


Greg says she appeared to be quite happy, having been able to play with the cats' food and water at her leisure and uninterrupted by the likes of mommy and daddy.

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