Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hand You Your Crop-a-dile

Earlier in the week, I saw this Ryan Gosling meme (from Handmade Ryan Gosling) on Amy Tangerine's blog and thought it funny enough to mention to Greg, particularly because he and I had a conversation at some point about how I have different scissors for sewing versus paper crafting versus everyday use:

Friday, I was talking to Greg over IM, when he typed this to me and I thought it too funny not to make my own meme of what he said:

(Original Ryan Gosling picture from this post on Nadine Jolie.)

I had to ask him if he just made that up or if he saw it somewhere (answer: he made it up) because I thought for a minute that he looked it up online.

In the same conversation, Greg also informed me that "masculine stamps" (from this post) is an oxymoron. Hmm. Hadn't thought of it that way . . .

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