Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Everyday Eclectic by Allison Kreft

Last month, the announcement came out that Hambly was winding down operations. Enter sad face. As if I didn't already hoard my Hambly papers and overlays . . .

Allison Kreft Abad, the graphic designer for Hambly, just released the full line of her new collection with Echo Park, Everyday Eclectic, which includes some of the Hambly designs that didn't make it to production. Enter happy face.

The designs are reminiscent of Hambly, because it's the same designer and all.

I'm looking forward to getting my little hands on these papers when they start shipping to stores next month.

Sometimes it amazes me how small of a world it is. Makes me go, Whoa. That just blew my mind. Couple of examples:
  • A couple/few months ago, I was at a campus event when I started talking to this freshman. And then he asked, "Wait . . . are you Kevin's sister?" Wha! How did he know?! I came to find out that he was a friend of my brother's in high school. He was probably at the big prom picture taking shindig that I went to May of last year. Makes me feel old.
  • Today, I was in a meeting with a couple of contacts at a client, when I/we figured out that (a) their daughters both went to the high school I went to, (b) they both graduated the same year as my brother, (c) my brother knew both of them, and (d) one of them is apparently the girl that my brother won 1st place with for an event at the Science Olympiad a couple years ago. Crazy!

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