Saturday, June 9, 2012

Evie at 12 Months

Evie turned one year at the end of May. I can't believe it!


  • She learned how to walk halfway through the month, a step or two at a time. Now, she's walking a lot more, as can be seen in the video. More walking than crawling, at this point. It's crazy that it's only been a few weeks since she first started walking!
  • She learned how to blow kisses.
  • She knows how to dance to music.
  • She knows how to get off of things feet first rather than head first.
  • She got sick with a fever the weekend before Rocky Point. Daycare said it was hand, foot, and mouth disease again, but . . . that assessment is suspect as she didn't really have blisters. I had to get her from daycare early one day because apparently they saw some on her tongue, but I couldn't see anything myself. They suggested I take her to the doctor, but we decided we didn't want to spend $40 just to have the doctor tell us that it's a virus that we just have to let pass.
  • She demolished a cupcake for her birthday.

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