Friday, September 21, 2012

Truth: Pregnancy Does Things To Your Body That You Cannot Control

I once saw pictures of my mom when she was super pregnant with my brother. Not gonna lie - she looked chunky. Since then, I told myself, and I told Greg, that when I got pregnant, I wouldn't get like that because I wouldn't eat like a pregnant lady.

I now realize that I had severely unrealistic expectations of what it's like to be pregnant because I HAD TO EAT. Not only that, it seems that water retention and bloating in those final days of pregnancy could not be helped, nor could I help that my face had a tendency to get really shiny from (probably) both hormones and the heat. Put all those things together, and you get this, taken during my brother's high school graduation, which was after my due date and before I was induced:


The sound I hear in my head when I see this picture is a mix of "ick," "ugh," and "blech."

It's such a drastic difference from how I normally look that it's comical, really. I think the older I get or maybe the more of a "mom" I become (or both), the less self-conscious I get, as evidenced by me posting what I consider to be one of the most unflattering pictures of me. Heh.

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