Friday, October 5, 2012

Words and a Camping Picture

I feel like just in this week, Evie's ability to articulate words has gotten much better. She can't, of course, say them exactly right, but there's no doubt that she's saying words, and more of them than before. It's exciting and fulfilling watching her hit milestones. I frequently look back and think, Where did my baby go?!

Here are some of the words that she's learned to say:
  • dada
  • 爸爸 (dad in Chinese)
  • mama / 媽媽 (said basically the same in both English and Chinese)
  • 奶 (milk in Chinese)
  • 貓 (cat in Chinese)
  • 鳥 (bird in Chinese)
  • 謝謝 (thanks in Chinese)
  • 弟弟 (little brother in Chinese - we were reading her Chinese vocabulary book)
  • no
  • bye bye
I have a feeling there are other words that she knows and we just haven't heard her say yet.

And now for a picture from camping:
Evie Camping 2012.09.29

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