Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hip Hop, Call of Duty, and Soiled Onesies

Few things I found funny this week, particularly because of their relevance to me.

1. This Twitter exchange, which I saw on a friend's Facebook status:


2. This Facebook status via Failbook, which Greg shared with me this morning:


And this third thing I found really funny related to Evie:


Greg and I picked Evie up from daycare today and the girl at the front desk asked if they had called us. We didn't get a call from daycare today. The first thing that crossed both our minds was that something bad happened, but that wasn't the case. Although "bad" is subjective . . .

For about a month, Evie's been reaching into her poopy diapers and pulling poop out (pediatrican says it could be a sign that she's ready to be potty trained). Daycare asked us to start putting her in onesies to keep her from doing that, which we've been doing. Today, though, she apparently not only pulled poop out of her diaper, but managed to smear it all over her face and possibly eat some. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh. If ever I thought playing in the cat water or eating cat food was bad, this is the worst.

See those lips up there? Those cute little pouty ones? You wouldn't ever suspect that those lips have eaten poop now, would you? I think the girl at daycare was a bit concerned that we would be shocked at our daughter eating poop. It's gross, for sure. But I also thought it was pretty funny. I laughed out loud all the way out the door.

And yes, I'm immortalizing it by posting it on the Internet. I'm sure she'll thank me when a future significant other digs it up 20 years from now.

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