Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pottery Barn January 2013

Oh, Pottery Barn. Pretty, but expensive.

I got the January catalog in the mail and a few things caught my eye while I was flipping through it. I don't always keep up with Pottery Barn, so I couldn't say whether all of this is actually new or not, but anyway . . .


From left to right, top to bottom:
  1. Accordion Dual Pendant - industrial!
  2. Mason Jar Drink Dispenser - this and the stand below makes me want to throw a cute party, if I were a party thrower.
  3. Galvanized Drink Dispenser Stand - imagine how cute this would look for a party, with ribbons and/or garlands wrapped around it! If I threw parties.
  4. Jordana Paisley Quilt & Sham - there's something about paisley that I really like. That + quilts = fan.
  5. Ludlow Trunk - I wonder how hard it'd be to find an actual antique trunk and make something like this DIY-style.
  6. Photo Carousel - the postcard stand (which I mentioned years ago in this post) is back!
  7. Cubby Organizer - I've seen this organizer in several other people's craft spaces. 'Cause it's awesome. If I had to pick my favorite item from this catalog - this is it.
  8. Modular Family Locker Entry System - Like this idea, but probably wouldn't work for some entryways, including those in my house. Craft spaces though? Yes.
  9. Benchwright Bath Collection Ladder Shelf - I'm partial to ladder shelves. I have them in my craft room.
  10. Industrial Chalkboard Wall Clock I once saw metallic magnetic letters, either at Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel (those are pretty much the same thing, right?), which I think would be neat on a piece like this.
  11. Rustic Frame Shadow Box - I like the larger one with the tree for vintage family photos.

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