Monday, April 29, 2013

Party in the House, 3:15 AM

After about a month of a relatively smooth transition to the big girl bed, Evie has discovered that she can get out of her bed and her room whenever she wants. Last Thursday night, I put her down to bed about 7:30, and for the next hour, she proceed to get up and get out of her room, like, 5 times. Finally, around 8:30, she fell asleep for good.

Greg came home from a work event late that night, so he went and slept on the couch downstairs in the basement. 3:15 am rolls around, Evie comes out of her room and follows one of the cats down into the basement, ready to party and play.

She got even more excited when she realized that Greg was down there, which she didn't realize at first since it was dark. She then made her way back upstairs, woke me up so she could get milk, then half an hour later, we put her back down to bed. Only she didn't want to go to bed and started to cry, so Greg kept her company and slept next to her in her big girl bed until about 5:45 in the morning when Evie got up and came to me asking for milk, all the while Greg was still asleep in her big girl bed.

Friday night wasn't as bad. It took a few tries (and cries) to get her to fall asleep without coming out of her room, but then she seemed to sleep through the night with no middle-of-the-night party sessions. It's almost like we have to re-sleep train her, but in her big girl bed instead of the crib. Saturday night she spent with Greg's parents, who reported that she was an angel. Finally, Sunday night she seemed to go down without any trouble (like we were used to before). Hopefully those couple of nights were exceptions to the norm!

A few picures I took of Evie after a nap one weekend:


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