Saturday, June 22, 2013

"Did You Poop?" and Minions Banana Song

Episode 4 of Convos With My 2 Year Old - "The Check":

Parent: Did you poop?
2-year-old: No
Parent: Are you sure?
2-year-old: No
Parent: Okay, let me check.

Ah . . . "The Check" is a familiar scene in our house, which is what makes it funny. Only it usually ends up being that there is poop. And it stinks. And I change the stinky, poopy diaper more often than not.

I still think Episode 1 is the funniest though.
"You can't talk to her right now . . . because I'm talking to her right now."
"No. She's not your wife. She's the princess."
"Okay. So she's playing with me. So you just [dismissive hand wave] go over there right now . . . Look at how much fun we're having."

Also funny on YouTube this week:

Minions Banana Song
(embedding was disabled)

To better understand why this song is funny, you also have to watch this short from the bonus features of the first Despicable Me movie:

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