Thursday, June 27, 2013

Evie's 2nd Birthday at Daycare

At daycare, they post a sign on the easel out front for each child's birthday. I took a picture of Evie in front of the sign on her 1st birthday (look at how bald she is!) and this year, Greg took some pictures of Evie in front of the sign on her 2nd birthday. Greg narrated the pictures for me in person, which I don't think I can do justice in writing, but here's my version of captions for the photos:

Ooh, look dada, it's a sign for my birthday! I only know because you told me, not because I can read yet:

Yeahhhhhhh sign:

Ooh, what a nice flower down there:

Ooh, nice flowers up here too. So nice that I must touch them. With my eyes half-closed:

Uh ohhhhhhh, dada. They fell on the ground. Through no fault of my own. Completely by themselves:

Let me do them a solid and pick them up off the ground:

Here, dada! Fix the uh-oh!

I'll just keep my hands to myself now, lest we have another "Flowergate":

Maybe I'll scrapbook these photos with captions at some point . . .

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