Saturday, December 28, 2013

Neutral Square Quilt for Greg

On a road trip a few years back, we made a stop in Ferndale, CA, which is a Victorian-themed little town. On the main drag, there was the Itsy Bitsy Quilt Shop (which is apparently now closed, according to Yelp) that we stopped by and picked up a couple packs of fat quarters - one of neutral colors and one of purples.

Earlier this year, I tried my hand at a larger quilt using the neutral-colored fat quarters to make this for Greg.


I deviated from "standard" quilting in a few ways:
  • For the batting on the inside, I used anti-pill fleece rather than cotton batting.
  • For the backing, I used minky fabric (brown striped, in this case) instead of quilting/cotton fabric.
  • Instead of normal binding, I sewed the quilt inside out, then flipped the quilt right sides out and machine quilted it.

We got some additional fabric from JoAnn's to fill in the rest of the squares, since there wasn't enough fabric from the fat quarters alone to do this large of a quilt) - it's roughly 55" x 72". I also wanted to end up with a quilt that was a bit heavier than normal, but that also meant machine quilting was perhaps a bit more challenging. I bought both a walking foot and a darning foot for my sewing machine, but ended up using the darning foot for machine quilting because it had higher clearance than the walking foot.

It's a pretty comfy quilt, if I do say so myself . . . I was a bit jealous of it (and sometimes stole it to use) until I finished mine a few months later.

It took me a while to get the quilt photographed because I was trying to think of a good way to take photos of it - it dawned on me that I could use pants hangers to hang up the quilt for photos, so that's just what I did. Having the double doors to the master bedroom helped.

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