Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ruler Growth Chart

Last year, I saw a couple of ruler growth charts on Pinterest that inspired me to go out, get a piece of wood, then let it sit for a year. Heh. Not really, but that's effectively what happened. I bought a piece of oak as well as the wood stain to go with it, then never did anything with it except sand it down to prep it for staining. At first I thought I would have it done in time for Evie's 2nd birthday, in time to take her height on her birthday, but that, of course, did not happen.

I mentioned to my friend, Emily, at the beginning of the week that I had this outstanding ruler growth chart project, saying that I had never stained anything before. She said staining was super easy, and I don't know what it was about her saying it that got me over the fear of messing up staining, but it did. So, the plank of wood got a couple coats of stain, and I also used my Silhouette to cut stencils for the numbers and lines.

I used a couple of tutorials as reference when I did this growth chart, but the one from 517 Creations more so.

Here's how mine turned out:


The details:
  • I used a Sharpie paint pen for the lines and the numbers. I haven't sealed the wood yet, so I'll need to find something that won't smear the Sharpie paint pen when I do seal it.
  • In retrospect, I think I would try cutting the stencil for the lines out of a thicker cardstock to reduce bleeding of the edges, or use pencil first and then fill-in by hand like I did with the numbers.
  • I also used the Century font for the numbers, like the one from 517 Creations.
  • I made my one-foot lines 3 inches long, quarter-of-a-foot lines 2 inches long, and all the other lines 1 inch long.
  • I made my numbers about 3 inches tall, but I believe my plank of wood was also wider than the ones used in the tutorials, so it could accommodate taller numbers.
  • Instead of starting my chart at 6 inches (i.e., meant to be hung on the wall 6 inches from the ground), I chose to make mine start from the ground so that we would just lean it against a wall to take height measurements.
  • I placed each number 6.5 inches from the right edge and 5/16ths of an inch to the left of the one-foot lines.


  1. So how does Evie measure up?

    1. One month later . . . I haven't actually measured Evie against it because I've been putting off sealing the wood. Greg says he doesn't think the wood needs to be sealed though, so maybe I'll skip that part.


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