Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Through the Instagram Lens - December 2013

Back in December, I decided to give Instagram a try, even though I had originally resisted another social media outlet. All my friends were doing it though!

I've posted a lot more "in the moment" pictures of Evie on Instagram than here on the blog (though I have an Instagram widget), so I wanted to do a blog post of the Evie Instagrams I've posted (and maybe some other noteworthy Instagrams thrown in there).

12/24/2013: Future crafter in the making. She saw me stamping and wanted to participate - good thing she was gifted her own little stamp set from her cousins!

12/25/2013: 3...2...1...hiss, wahhhhhhh. She just wants to love the kitties!

12/26/2013: Woke up because her legs hurt and wanted to be held "like a baby." I'll miss it when she stops asking to be held like a baby. :(

12/28/2013: Daddy took a bite of her #yorkpeppermintpatty. It was tragic in the eyes of a 2.5 year old lusting after candy.

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