Friday, March 20, 2015

Parker at 6 Weeks Old

Parker was six weeks old as of yesterday.

Baby feet! Snoozing during Evie's Chinese school class.
Parker at 6 Weeks Old | shirley shirley bo birley Blog

Snoozing during Evie's swim class. Lots of snoozing while we are out, since he, almost without fail, falls asleep in the car.
Parker at 6 Weeks Old | shirley shirley bo birley Blog

Wide awake.
Parker at 6 Weeks Old | shirley shirley bo birley Blog

  • Lately, the bedtime schedule has been about 9:00ish down to bed, wake up to feed around 1:00 or 2:00 am, then again around 4:00 or 5:00 am. Not bad, especially if he goes back to sleep after feeding (which doesn't always happen, but more often than not, I think).
  • Is increasingly alert and getting better neck control, so he wants to be up looking around instead of laying.
  • Seems like he is starting to respond to playing with smiles and talking. He doesn't respond consistently, but at least occasionally when I play with him (versus not at all a month ago).
  • Although his umbilical stump fell off a few weeks ago, his belly button is still healing, which is on the longer end of healing. In contrast, Evie's belly button had healed by the time her stump fell off within a couple weeks. I took Parker in to the pediatrician yesterday just to make sure it was still fine; we're going to see if it heals by his 2-month appointment.
  • Still jaundiced, but the pediatrician didn't seem too concerned, so I'm not that worried. He also mentioned it sometimes takes longer to go away for babies who are only nursing (no formula).

Similar to Evie, I'll be switching to monthly posts from here on out.

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